Battleground 2016: Hillary for Ohio

I took the week off to volunteer in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio for the Hillary Clinton campaign. With just four days left before the presidential election, Ohio is proving its battleground status.

If polls were held today, Republican nominee Donald Trump has a 35.8% chance of winning the election. Within that outcome, Trump has a 70.8% chance of winning Ohio, a state that holds 18 electoral votes and is widely viewed as the decider of elections.

On November 3, the Honorable Anne Holton, former Virginia Secretary of Education and wife of Vice President nominee Tim Kaine, spoke at the campaign office in downtown Toledo.


Her message to “not give up now” resonated with an audience filled with hardworking staffers and voters eager for a positive outcome to a long and protracted election.


Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) attended along with Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and other local dignitaries.


The Toledo Ironworkers were one of the largest group of constituents that came to see Ms. Holton. I loved their customized Clinton-Kaine t-shirts.



Later, we spent some of the day getting out the vote with the Latino community in East Toledo.


Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) delivered remarks in the afternoon in support of Hillary Clinton.



Senator Booker profusely thanked the volunteers for their commitment and talked about his admiration for Hillary Clinton, noting her long-time role as an advocate for women and children.




The days events inspired and energized in advance of the massive Get Out The Vote (GOTV) push this weekend – and effort made possible by the thousands of staffers and volunteers across the country. Despite the long hours, endless work, and fluctuating polls, they still manage to smile for that perfect selfie.


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